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Grand Opening New Season L2-Gold 15/01/2018 20:00 Clock GMT+2

Announcements Grand Opening

- To log in to the game you must download the new Pacth with Name: L2Gold Pacth V1 NEXT Delete the Old System From Lineage II Folder.
L2Gold Updater Here (Mega).
L2Gold Pacth Here (Mega).

L2Gold Updater Here (Zippy).
L2Gold Pacth Here (Zippy).

- If you have already downloaded it L2Gold Updater just delete the old System From Folder Lineage II.

- Register Account is Automatic!

- Vote System Group and individual

- The Olympic Games will open 20 days after the server is opened !

- The Epic Raidboss Open it later !

- High Rate will open each Tuesday and Thursday at clock open: 20:00 gmt+2 and close 22:00 gmt+2 !

- Rewards For Clans !!

- Server Interlude Client with C6 Features !

- Special Angelic,Demonic Wings For 24hours from Vote Shop Manager !

Have Fun By L2Gold Team